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I did a lovely article on Nick Shorts. I'm sorry if this article is a bit dry. I'm juggling around with 3 articles right now and soon to start a forth. I wanted to finish up one of them before I head off to Zern's tomorrow, camera in hand, ready for some fun. I have to make sure I take my quarters with me, as I'm told there's a nice arcade out there. When I was real little, around preschool age, there was an arcade a couple blocks from my house in Allentown. It was in the back of a place called Fat Boys Deli. I used to go there all the time and get slushies and play Ms Pac Man. Or at least move the stick around and pretend to play Ms Pac Man until someone took pity on my adorable little self and put a quarter in for me.

So anyway, I've got lots to write about so keep checking back!


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