I'm late, I'm late!

I knew I said I'd get a new article done by the weekend, but I didn't. I'm so sorry. I spent most of Friday hanging out at Zern's again buying trinkets and stuff. It's just nice to have somewhere you can go and be like, "Do you have any weird old expired food products?" and have a serious discussion on what might be available in the warehouse. Then Saturday I was doubled over in pain due to woman's trouble and spent a great deal of time shaking in bed with a hot water bottle against my crotch. We women get those insanely nauseous cycles from time to time. The worst part is the only chocolate thing I have in the house is an old box of Batman Retuns cereal and let me tell you, it's starting to look pretty tempting.

Speaking of cereal, that's what today's article is about. I did a review of The Addams Family cereal. Also a short bit on leftover Halloween munchies. I have another good food article up my sleeve that I'm hoping will make a bit of an impression. But you'll just have to wait til that's all done. :)

Worth mentioning in case anyone notices -- I didn't dye my hair. I know in the one photo it looks really brown. My hair has this freaky tendancy to change colors (usually orange) in photos because it's so light and shiny. I have one photo from 9th grade where I'm holding a can of Mt Dew and it reflects of my bangs and makes them look green.


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  • 1/3/2007 1:00 PM Pastor Ed wrote:
    OK, anyone who still goes to Zern's is OK in my book!!
    Anyhow, since you obviously live near Reading, where is the Amelia's Market you mentioned in a posting? I know Berks County pretty well, so a general hint would at least be real helpful. With kids scattered all around the country I need a place to get reduced cost Tastykakes to ship to them! Pastor Ed
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  • 11/1/2007 3:24 PM eddie wrote:
    I LOVE THAT CEREAL!!!!!! I STILL HAVE THE THING FLASH LIGHT!! nice find, cool kermit bit...can i roll in your dirty laundry?! haha j/k
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  • 2/17/2009 5:02 AM Lisa wrote:
    Haha, loved reading that. Very funny. Loved the Addams Family cereal, too when it came out; had a Lurch flashlight. =) Thanks for the laughs and a trip down memory lane. <3
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