Li'l Miss Dolls

I can't believe I'm finally done with this article, it took me 7 weeks and $42 to get all my info straight and goodies together to write it. But it was worth it not to get ahead of myself and wind up like one of those overanxious contestants on the Price is Right that hop their asses on stage before Bob Barker tells 'em to get back to Contestents Row where they belong. Now it's my turn to play Plinko, baby.

Sadly I don't have any commercials to contribute to this, but here's one on YouTube you can check out. The Li'l Miss Dolls were sassy and classy, and I love love loved them so. Just good doll fun. If anyone's interested, there's a Li'l Miss Dress Up MIB on eBay for $10 Buy-It-Now. I highly recommend someone snatch it.


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  • 6/2/2007 10:52 PM JLAJRC wrote:
    This is your best article because it's so informative and indepth. You did your research. I'd like to see more of these things.
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  • 6/3/2007 8:10 PM Moonxtal wrote:
    I never really put together that all those dolls were related. But I had the color changing outfit one, and would just soak the skirt/jacket in a sink of hot/cold water because i was just too lazy to color it in myself. lol I think changing it's color so many times, it became a marbleized color and wouldn't stamp as nicely as it did from the start. lol
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  • 6/3/2007 10:03 PM jazzy wrote:
    OMG! I totally had that Lil Miss Mermaid doll and I never ever knew what she was called. Now I know. Man, I loved the hell out of that thing.
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  • 6/4/2007 8:43 AM Ladytink_534 wrote:
    I vaguely remember a friend of mine having the Mermaid doll. Of course, that's not unusual, because she had a million toys. I'm serious! She didn't even sleep in her bedroom because the piles were taller than she was and you can forget about seeing a floor! It took 7 of us and an entire summer to clean that room.
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  • 6/5/2007 11:35 AM Samantha wrote:
    I had the Little miss Make Up Doll (first edition) and the Little Miss Hair or whatever she was called. Got them both for Christmas. I remember seeing the commercials and begging for one. What a rip off lol. I believed I chopped off Little Miss Make Up's Hair. Little Miss Hair doo or whatever got sold at a garage sale. Do you remember Starla? The singing doll that came with a real microphone and you hooked the microphone into the back of her and she'd sing or say whatever you say but in her "Starla" voice? Now that was a fun doll!
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  • 6/5/2007 6:52 PM Ashley wrote:
    Cool! My younger sister had Lil Miss Makeup. After long enough, the makeup stayed on her face permanently, haha. I always loved the little heart on her face.
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  • 6/6/2007 3:11 PM MissJess wrote:
    I was obsessed with this line. I had Miss Makeup, velcro jewels and...sorry Mystie, the Mermaid. I loved this article. Definitely one of your best!
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  • 6/12/2007 2:09 PM Martha wrote:
    Yes, this was a great article! I never had any of these dolls as a kid but I used to look at them in the Sears Wishbook. My mom thought they looked too trashy. I think they're kind of cute though. They kind of remind of this other doll I had called "Baby 'Skates" or something like that ... I got her in the early to mid 80's. You'd turn a key in her back and she'd skate around ... heh.
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  • 6/16/2007 10:14 AM Jessica Marie wrote:
    My little sister was pretty into these. The Lil Miss Haircut was a huge pain in the ass after awhile though.
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  • 11/7/2007 6:15 PM anonymouse wrote:
    I was always obsessed with these dolls as well. There was also a newer incarnation which came out in the later nineties. I guess it was a no go, because (after I bought it) I haven't seen it around much. hmmm.
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  • 3/6/2008 12:59 AM babado29 wrote:
    i drove my family crazy with this lil miss mermaid. i would love to get my hands on one.
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  • 7/21/2008 6:44 PM dactyl wrote:
    I just found all five of my lil miss dolls in storage and I am so excited to give them to my daughter. This article was great because I couldn't remember all of their names.
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  • 9/16/2008 11:54 PM Spitsfire wrote:
    I think they made a little different version of lil miss singing mermaid. I just went to the thrift store tonight and found this doll jeweled differently then in the picture you provided. She had her original box with the cardboard junk but no comb or directions. Not a bad for 3 dollars and she works still. I think she was never played with and just stuck back in the box because she is in Mint Condition. I always wanted the Miss makeup dolls but never got one. When they came out with her again I got my daughter one. I wished they would have reintroduced the whole line of dolls.
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  • 8/10/2009 5:56 AM Starla wrote:
    I really want to get my hands on that singing Starla doll, yes I do remember it!

    I kid you not, my name is actually Starla. I am a singer as well, which is really odd!

    I wanted this doll when it first came out. Mom said it was a waste of money. I was so hurt, and by the time she did think to get one, they discontinued a few months after they first came out. I want one so badly!

    I lost out on the ONLY one I have seen on eBay by $1. I wasn't on the computer when the auction ended, ugh!
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  • 9/11/2009 6:43 PM Surengiin wrote:
    this website was very helpful.
    I'm looking for the following Mattel Lil Miss Doll from 1988.
    I beleive she was a Lil Miss Magic hair and she was African American Blonde which made her unique looking.
    if anyone has one to sell just send me an email with a photo.
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  • 12/4/2009 6:35 AM fisher price toys wrote:
    The deskinned animal furs are used to decorate the exteriors of the doll.
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  • 12/14/2009 8:42 PM buy liv dolls wrote:
    She had her original box with the cardboard junk but no comb or directions. Not a bad for 3 dollars and she works still. I think she was never played with and just stuck back in the box because she is in Mint Condition.
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  • 11/15/2010 9:03 PM jackie wrote:
    I was in love with these dolls and still is. I have three of them, lil miss hair, make-up,and the one with the dress. I want to find more of them or at least the items that go with them but havent found a site that has them. If anyone has any info i will pay good money for them.
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  • 1/25/2011 6:13 PM Erica wrote:
    Thank you for this!! I LOVED these dolls and had every single one (except the mermaid one). My mom told me she found my old dolls in the basement and one of them had their head shaved...guess I was trying something different, lol. Ahh, mem'ries. You definitely did your research and this is on point - great job.
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  • 6/15/2011 12:31 PM Sharline wrote:
    I KNOW for a fact I had a lil miss n me doll. But the one I had, and LOVED to this day had blonde crimped hair with purple streaks, and had a mic that came with it that you plug into her back, and you could talk and her lips would move- I LOVED that doll! Have you ever heard of it??!!
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