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We're back to the basics here at Crown Combo with reviews of new and strange flavors of candy. Actually, these two candies were found as the result of not finding the candy I was really looking for. I did find my focus candy later on after some searching, but I've paired that up with something else and will review it later on. I've found a lot of great new candies lately with Valentine's Day coming up (sugar free Peeps hearts!) but I'm still torn on if I'm going to do anything for Valentine's as I'm having a love/hate relationship with Feb 14. That holiday is really a toss-up right now since I'm on my second boyfriend of the year although I'm not really sure if you're allowed to call a guy your boyfriend when he's still technically married. When the hell did my life turn into Sex and the City?

I'm all for mixing coffee and candy, but Twix seemed like a fairly unlikely contender. While they may be delicious with flavors like peanut butter, I didn't see coffee as a forerunner for the next big addition. That's what I get for not thinking outside the box. Or maybe I just didn't see how they'd infuse coffee flavor into a Twix, but they managed to twist it right in with the caramel. Like Twix PB, the Java edition comes with the chocolate cookie and packs just the right amount of chocolate to balance off the perfect coffee taste. As always with Twix, there's one for you to share with a friend, but it's so good you might not want to!

Snickers charged is designed in a way that gives me an impression they're timing this to market during the Superbowl. I'm fairly certain the Superbowl is coming up, though I have no idea who might be playing in it. I'm not so well versed in football. I know I like the Eagles more than the Steelers but I have nothing to base that on other than I'm geographically closer to Philadelphia. I'm also not a health expert, so I can't even tell you what taurine is or if B-vitamins are even that impressive that it will make up for all the empty calories in a Snickers bar. What I do know is that these bars have slightly less caffeine than a cup of coffee, but coffee ain't got a nougat center, baby. It's all about the nougat.


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